Camden County Unified Hurricane Re-Entry Plan

Camden County, Camden County Schools, Camden County Sheriff’s Office, City of Kingsland,

 City of St. Marys, City of Woodbine, and Naval Submarine Base Kings Bay

The re-entry plan balances the need for protection of the community while allowing residents and businesses to begin recovery. Local law enforcement will staff re-entry check points to restrict access. When conditions allow, access will occur in four phases. Residents and business staff are allowed limited access in phase 2 and 3 which may be initiated at the same time.

Conditions evaluated for access include:

  • safe roads and bridges
  • availability of clean water, sewer, shelter, power, emergency and other essential services
  • public safety

Phase 1: Public Safety and Public Works.

Public works for roadway debris removal, public safety personnel, utility, and government personnel or contractors, are allowed access to restore critical infrastructure, public safety and health services. Once roadways are open, phase 2 entry is considered.

Phase 2: Business Critical workers are allowed access for damage assessment of hazardous materials, security, and recovery needs.

To re-enter Camden County as a business critical worker you must have proof of employment with the business. A form of personal ID, such as a driver’s license and a business card with your name on it is sufficient proof, or a business ID with your name will suffice for re-entry.

Phase 3: Resident re-entry.

Only those who have proof of residency, or are employed by a business located in Camden County and have proof of same, will be allowed access. An ID card, such as a Driver’s License, other government ID, or business ID showing your home address or business address in Camden County is sufficient.

Phase 4: Full public access.

Public notification Methods: Radio, T.V., Camden County website and social media accounts, and the Code Red Public message service system. To receive a Code Red message on a cell phone, you must first sign-up to receive messages

Additional information regarding current status of re-entry will be updated on the Camden County website and social media accounts.